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Learn to evolve consciously with teachers who have reached a state of higher consciousness and are experts in Emotional Intelligence, Health and Well-being, Personal, Spiritual and Professional Development, Body and Artistic Expression, Relationships as a couple, family and much more ...

Why live consciously and transform your inner reality?


The combination of exclusive Training / Services and Extraordinary Teachers enables students to truly reach the next level of their conscious evolution.


Take one of our Exclusive and unique courses as a Student, as a consciousness shift Teacher or as a vibrational Therapist.


Sign up for our Continuous Training based on our Methodology "Creating from within" to live consciously every moment of your life and become your own Conscious Creator of your reality.


Practice our Original Frequency Meditation and crystal healing Technique “Original Frequency Healing” until reaching a state of coherence between mind and heart.


Experience the Reconnection of your Original Design to regain the self-healing power of your soul essence and experience reality from an higher state of consciousness


Lean on our Sessions and Services that will help you free yourself from the old patterns and regain the connection with your inner being ... to live with a greater purpose and awaken your highest potential


Enjoy and have fun learning through your voice with the VOICEVOLUTION training ... a new concept that fuses art, healing and spirituality.



Harmonize the spaces in your home, center or business through our Space&Harmony method that fuses interior design, feng shui and crystals tuned to the original frequencies.