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Today meditation has become a fundamental resource to maintain inner balance, live from a state of well-being and many other benefits for our health. The Original Frequency Meditation Technique basically helps you to reconnect with the different beneficial energy flows of the planet and the universe that will allow you to raise your vibration and reach a state of expanded and higher consciousness.

In a general sense, each original frequency promotes the evolutionary process of the human being by facilitating making the unconscious conscious, allowing a gradual and harmonious evolution until giving an authentic meaning to your existence and living in the present and in the now ... these are some of its general properties:

  • They neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation and promote the health and well-being of the physical body.

  • They help you transform your fears and harmful patterns, facilitating awareness and deprogramming of your subconscious limiting beliefs.

  • They harmonize and soften negative, repressed, denied, rejected and projected emotions that have been frozen in the pain body.

  • They help to release the karmic energies of irresponsible acts and help the inner wisdom that the soul has accumulated throughout past lives to awaken.

Receive an Individual Session  of ORIGINAL FREQUENCY HEALING to raise your vibration and consciousness

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query that  Crystal and Initiation  can  Help yourself in this cycle in your inner evolution .

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