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In order to develop the spiritual qualities and heal the emotional wounds of the soul, during your process of personal healing it is important: 1. Learn to unlock and release your frozen emotions and repressed pain. 2. Learn to express and reflect your inner state in a loving way. 3. Develop a spiritual vision in everyday experiences and thus understand the wounds of your soul. 4. Develop the soul qualities of inner listening, understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love. ​ In many cases, part of the origin of your emotional pain was caused in your childhood. The set of emotional wounds that your inner child lived are connected with the emotional wounds of other incarnations that your soul has proposed to heal in this life. Maybe in your childhood you were forced to suppress or not express certain types of emotions for various reasons, such as being rejected and emotionally abandoned, socially excluded or punished and / or physically abused. ​ One of the most common wounds of the soul is to repress expressing the inner state and truth. Gradually, not expressing the pain becomes an automatic mechanism of your personality and as you grow, each negative emotion repressed creates a layer of unconscious pain that blocks your connection with your inner being. As you progress in your personal healing, you understand that in order to fully reconnect with your soul, you need to release all emotional pain. You understand that emotions are neither good nor bad, they are the mechanism of the soul to reflect the inner state in the outer world, and they need to be expressed. This methodology will allow you to learn how to liberate from your interior the stagnant emotional energy through breathing and the original frequency of the sacred fire. You will also understand what it is like to develop a spiritual vision of your reality to take advantage of every unpleasant experience, to enter into your inner space, to seek answers and understanding through the voice of your soul. Once you have learned to release emotional pain and listen to the voice of your soul within you, you will be ready to put this healing technique into practice within your personal relationships. You can solve internal conflicts, using the divine technology of forgiveness and love, so that the external conflicts of your relationships are solved in a harmonious way. Activate your hologram of unconditional love that is part of your original design as divine human to become your own medicine and be able to transform your karma, creating your piece of heaven on earth and having personal karmic relationships based on love and mutual interest . ​ Through the courses, as you advance with theory and practice, you will understand another part of the original design of the divine human being. So, if you think your time has come to reach a state of balance and emotional self-control, sign up for our training.

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